PROVACAN CBD Skin Salve 5ml

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PROVACAN: CBD Hemp Balm / Salve with 1% CBD

CBD based balm is designed for fast all natural skin and body relief.   Think of this pot of salve similar to tiger balm.  Though we believe it packs an even bigger punch.

Apply a small amount locally to problem areas and massage in for deep relief or leave sparingly for skin problems.

Our customers have described this a little pot of magic using it for all types of dermatological conditions; oily, dry, itchy and sore.

CBD Balm contains CBD from EU certified hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). The extraction process preserves all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutrients.

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa  L), Beeswax, Shea and cocoa butter, full sprectrum hemp extract.(Cannabis sativa L.), vanilla and Rosemary essence.  

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