CBD Bundle: LIBIDO Package

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CBD Bundle: Libido Maintenance for Him & Her

Maintain and boost your libido with Herbalica HisTime & HerTime.  Natural herbal remedies optimized with CBD.

Treat yourself and your partner to a month supply of our Herbalica Herbal Remedies

For Her, we have HerTime, a 50ml bottle of CBD infused botanical women's health supplement

For Him, we have HisTime, a 50ml bottle of CBD infused botanical men's health supplement

The Herbalica brand from Israel is based on years of research, development and formulation of botanical extracts combined with the synergistic benefits of CBD.

HerTime by Herbalica

HerTime by HERBALICA. A natural blend of synergistic plant extracts with a boost of CBD for every woman’s health needs.

HerTime from Herbalica is designed and formulated for female imbalance that can disturb menstrual and ovulation cramps, fertilization, sensation, mental strengthens, female libido as well as menopause.
Ingredients: Hemp Extract (including CBD), botanical extracts of: Vitex agnus castus, Berberis vulgaris, Juniperus communis, Angelica sinesis, Piper cubeba, Lotus corniculatus, Clematis armandi, Raphanus sativus.

HisTime by Herbalica

HisTime by HERBALICA. The best of breed botanical extracts with a CBD boost for every man’s health needs.
Intensive life style and poor nutrition leave a mark on male hormonal balance causing a negative influence on men’s physical and emotional stands. Researchers at The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) estimate that at least 6 million men in the U.S. suffer from depressive disorders, including suicidal thoughts, annually. In addition; strength, focus, physical and emotional functions are affected with poor personal health.
Together with CBD, with neuro-protective, anti-stress and calming benefits, this formulation supports a healthy body, more efficient mind and targets sexual health specifically.
HisTime by HERBALICA.  Featuring established and market proven plant compounds uniquely formulated for men to improve body, mind and all round performance.




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