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PROVACAN CBD Cannabis Oil 1000mg 'SOS'

UPDATE:   In order to ensure 100% compliance with the MHRA guidelines on the production and sale of CBD products we are currently reformulating and repackaging our oils.  You may see some slight delay in delivery time / change between spray & dropper cap.  We will contact each customer separately with details of any change.

10ml glass bottle containing our unique formulation of CBD combined with a cannabinoid entourage. The result, a well researched, lab validated and beautifully crafted CBD product for you.

CBD has established anti-inflammatory properties and works alongside the body's EndoCannabinoid System to reach every part of the body.  

 Provacan Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil comes as a ‘Mouth Spray’ to ensure the most accurate and spill free therapeutic experience.   Each 10ml bottle is supplied with a spray nozzle and contains a full 1000mg (10%) pure hemp extract.   Each spray ensures a 12mg dose. 

Hemp extract has been shown to help a wide range of health conditions including dermatalogical, neurological, physical.  It’s also being recognized by consumers as a powerful general health and wellness product.  No matter your health concern, there’s a good chance hemp oil can help.

Provacan Oil is manufactured from the finest whole plant extracts grown and shipped from Europe ensuring the highest EU agricultural directives are guaranteed.   We are committed to sustainable agriculture, sourcing our raw ingredients from non-GMO crops grown without pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.


HEALTH AND WELLNESS STARTS HERE.  Each 10ml bottle of Provacan Hemp Sativa Oil contains 1000mg of pure hemp extract.  Giving a powerful 10% strength.

EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF PROVACAN.  12mg hemp extract per spray. Unrivaled accuracy and simplicity together with the power of the plant.

QUALITY FORMULATION.  Our full spectrum sativa hemp extracts have been formulated as food supplements with leading scientists & industry thought leaders.

TASTE SETS US APART. Our unique blend of hemp seed oil and MCT gives our sublingual drops a pleasant & all-natural sesame taste.

QUALITY ASSURANCE.  All our herbal remedies and health supplements are grown, processed and produced under strict EU agricultural and food processing conditions.


1000mg CBD version

  • 80 sprays per bottle
  • Approx 12.4 mg CBD per spray

We aim to deliver the highest grade products based on the most current science. PROVACAN products have unique formulations worked on in collaboration with leading researchers and institutions.

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